D.H. Dilkes and Among Media

Established in 2011, and fully launched in Fall 2013, Among Media is the content creation, freelance home, and publishing arm of David “D.H.” Dilkes. I have authored of over a dozen books for children and young adults, as well as various articles and marketing materials. Throughout my career I’ve also content edited, proofread, indexed, and copyedited hundreds of nonfiction and fiction titles.

Samples of My Work:

This is the opener for a chapter of a revised edition of a biography of Shaquille O’Neal that I ghostwrote. In this situation the original author was unavailable to finish the revision so I wrote 2+ chapters.
Back-cover copy written for a middle grade supplemental history book about the Santa Fe trail.
Informational and marketing copy written to explain the benefits of an imprint of books I was in charge of called MyReportLinks.com Books.
Article about Penn State football written for a website called Real Football 365
A spread showing an index I compiled for a 128-page book about the 13th and 14th Amendments.